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The Magical Evening with Canadian Authors returns to Toronto, September 21, 2014



The Sixth Magical Evening with Canadian Authors will be held at the Windup Bird Cafe in Toronto on Sept. 21, 7-10 pm.

Hosted by Sang Kim, MECATO 2014.09.21 is bringing together a fabulous line-up of Canadian fiction writers. Come out and enjoy excerpts from the recently published and soon-to-be-published novels of:

Greg Gatenby - founding curator of The International Festival of Authors
George Elliot Clarke - 2014 Poet Laureate of Toronto
Con Cú, Soldier, Lily, Peace and Pearls, DVP
Claudio Gaudio, Texas, Quattro Books
Nik Beat, The Tyranny of Love, Seraphim Editions
Caroline Vu, Palawan Story, DVP
Su J. Sokol, Cycling to Asylum, DVP


Toronto's foremost magician, Baldini, will accompany the authors with some beautiful enchantments.

We invite you to join the event by clicking on the Facebook Page Invitation, but you will also need to reserve your table by phoning 647-349-6373. Reserve now! It will be a full house.

The Windup Bird Cafe is located at 382 College Street (map). MECATO 2014.09.21 takes places immediately after Word on the Street in Toronto.

For more information about MECATO 2014.09.21, please e-mail a little more about you.

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