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Quite Perfectly Dead - DVP's Newest Crime Novel

Deux Voiliers Publishing is proud to launch this autumn, Geri Newell Gillen's debut crime novel, Quite Perfectly Dead.

What is it about?

Joe Cameron, a Montreal ex-cop turned Private Eye, is hired by a woman to investigate the death of her brother, which occurred within hours of playing in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. The local police have concluded that the death was a suicide, but the sister doesn't buy it. Cameron flies to Vegas to find out the truth. The suicide theory appears to hold water, and Cameron returns to Montreal with the corpse. But after a second body is discovered in Vegas, under very similar circumstances, an investigation is launched and a cross-border task force is formed between Las Vegas and Montreal. The Vegas cop who worked both crime scenes is sent to Montreal to partner with a cop who happens to be Cameron's best friend. Cameron jumps in with both feet to help, his passion for solving crimes only surpassed by his love of women, booze, poker, and Chinese food.

Sounds interesting? You can click here to read the first chapter for free.

When will it be released?

At the beginning of October 2016.

Will there be a launch party?

Yes, a launch party will be organized in Montreal. If you would like to attend, just send us an e-mail at

I am a reviewer/beta reader, are review copies available?

Yes, to request a review copy, just e-mail us at

Where do I go for updates?

Updates will be posted on the events page of our website and on the Quite Perfectly Dead Facebook page at

About Geri Newell Gillen

Geri was born in Ottawa, Canada's capital, raised in Montréal, and now spends as much time as possible in Manilva, Spain. Visit her website at

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